Friday, November 27, 2009

News Books

While grocery-shopping at TESCO EXTRA, Teacher Lim noticed some story books on sales. Those books are suitable for young children, perhaps Year 1-3.
Attractive illustrations on the covers....should be a suitable reading materials for SKPI students. These books are in Bahasa Malaysia, famous Malaysian folklore.

Teacher Lim bought a set of 12 books of different titles using the petty cash funds collected from the pupils (bayaran denda pulangan lambat).
RM12 for a set of twelve titles.

Teacher Lim plans to set up a reading corner along the little stairwell beside the school canteen. She will place a table and a basket of books so that the pupils could go there and read some books during recess.

However, it's understandable that the books will go missing in no time....unless the school administration work hard to strengthen the discipline among the pupils of SKPI. Librarians will be on duty at the little reading corner.

If this reading project is a success, then Teacher Lim would set up more reading corners in the school premises @ school open hall.

What do you think of this idea ? Can it work ? Any comments, dear teachers. Please share with me.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Dear teachers,
You can use this clip as a teaching aide to teach your students on the danger of fire. Topic ~ Fire
Berikut merupakan suatu cadangan sahaja. Cikgu boleh guna klip video ini sebagai bahan media pengajaran untuk mengajar peribahasa "kecil-kecil jadi kawan pabila besar jadi musuh". Turut boleh digunakan untuk set induksi menulis karangan bertajuk "Kebakaran Ngeri".

If you find this video clip useful, kindly give your feedback. Click on the "Post Comments" icon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Library or Restaurant

How do you differentiate between a library and a restaurant ?
Post your comment at the bottom of this page.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What you would like to see improve?

PSS SKPI is still improving herself, therefore any feedback would be much appreciated. Please help her by providing your comments by following the simple steps below.

Your comments would definitely help PSS to improve.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Feedback needed

Teacher Lim noticed that the "Suggestion Box" in the office is not filled with any feedback from the teachers. Probably, the teachers were too engrossed with the "year end bumper to bumper" paperwork @ analisa, streaming, SMM....! (Kesian to you teachers...ya)

An idea cropped up while Teacher Lim was recuperating at home due to "Pinkeye Conjunctivitis". She created a blog as an alternative ! Fun isn't it ?

We could stay in touch after school hours, any time, any where without having to see one another.

"PSS SKPI sentiasa bersama anda di mana jua anda berada"

Teacher Lim hopes this blog could play a role as a platform for the teachers of SKPI to share and exchange ideas in how to improve the PSS of SKPI. From time to time, Teacher Lim will keep you update with the recent news and activities of PSS.

Not computer savvy.....tak payah worry.

You don't have to be a super computer genius to join this blog.
Just follow the simple instructions below.

You're just a few clicks away from being a member of this blog.

1. Take note of these icons on your left.

2. Click on the following icon.

3. Log in using your usual email address. (Don't worry, the PSS blogger won't be able to log into your email account, your privacy won't be invaded.)

4. Click agree.

5. Type your name (any name of your choice).
Click to follow publicly.

6. That's it. You're done.

Teacher Lim hopes to receive as many comments and fedbacks from you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

List of Librarians 2010

A new batch of librarian were selected among the Year 3 pupils. Based on the recommendations from their class teachers, Teacher Lim shortlisted these new librarians through a mini interview which was carried out on 9th-10th November. This brief face to face with the pupils enabled Teacher Lim to select the librarians for next year @ 2010.

Below are the criteria that Teacher Lim uses when selecting her librarians.

  • interest
  • patience
  • dedication
  • able to sacrifice time and energy to perform duty at the library
  • manner and discipline
These are the new batch of librarians from Year 4 (2010)
  • 3J -Puteri Fatin Bt. Ahmad Syobri

  • 3J -Amira Zulaika Bt. Abd. Halim

  • 3J -Nur Aqilah Bt. A. Rodzi

  • 3R -Nur Alia Syafika Bt. Mohamad Ali

  • 3R -Nur Elia Natasha Bt. Syukri

  • 3R -Siti Nur Aisyah Bt. Hamidi

  • 3I -Nor Afrina Alya Bt. Mohd. Kamal

  • 3I -Nur’Aini Natasya Bt. Rosle

  • 3C -Nur Farahin Bt. Mohd. Noor

  • 3C -Nurul Najwa Bt. Saedin

And these are the existing librarian from Yr 5 and Yr 6 (2010).
5R -Normiza Husna Bt. Ramlan
5R -Nur Syafiqah Nadzirah Bt. Mohd Noor
5R -Nur Najwa Bt. Noor Azmi
5R -Nur Azimah Bt. Muhd Raja
5R -Aissvarya a/p Prabagaranan
5I -Aimie Liyana Bt. Mohd Nasir
5I -Nur Minhalina Bt. Ahmad Rosli
5J -Nur Syahila Bt. Muhd Suzuki
5J -Aiman Athirah Bt. Abdul Halim
5A -Yaswine a/p Ravi
5A -Sharvin a/l Veeraraj
5A -Shasirega a/p Arulpragasam
5A -Intan Nordini Bt. Nizam
5A -Nur Hazwani Bt. Mohd Fauzi

4R -Nur Hazmira Bt. Zainal Abidin
4R -Nurul Najihah Bt. Roslan
4I -Norul Hafiza Bt. Ahmad
4I -Nurhidayati Bt. Mohd. Ghazali
4I -Wan Nur Dalili Dayana Bt. Wan Rosmadi
4I -Nurul Hasyida Bt. Hushin
4I -Izatul Zamira Bt. Hasmadi
4J -Nur Fatin Aliaa Bt. Dzulkifli
4J -Siti Nur Aqilah Syafiqah bt. Muhd Airwan
4J -Nur Rosalinda Bt. MOhd Fauzi
4A -Nurul Izni Bt. Masil

Dear readers and teachers of SKPI,
If you have any feedback pertaining to these pupils, kindly respond to this post. You may click at the bottom of this page, look for this icon.....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Uniforms

The new school semester of 2010, Pusat Sumber S.K. Permai Indah would undergo some transformation. First and foremost, the uniform of the Librarian would be changed. The colour combination of light and dark purple is chosen to match the corporate colour of BTPN.

The parents and guidance of the librarian are already being informed through letters. Teacher Lim managed to settle all correspondences matters in the first week of November 2009. Below is the new image of SKPI Librarians commencing January 2010.

Pusat Sumber S.K. Permai Indah bakal menjalani suatu perubahan pada sesi 2010. Ianya akan bermula dengan pakaian seragam Pengawas Pusat Sumber. Warna ungu menjadi pilihan utama memandangkan ianya merupakan warna koporat BTPN.

Ibu bapa serta waris kepada para pengawas telah dimaklumkan tentang perkara berkenaan. Segala urusan surat menyurat kepada waris telah dilakukan oleh Teacher Lim pada awal November 2009. Inilah adalah wajah baru pakaian seragam Pengawas Pusat Sumber SKPI pada tahun hadapan.

Light purple head scarf

Light purple tops/blouse

Dark purple skirt

Dark blue tie

Dear readers,

Kindly give your feedbacks. All are welcome.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Birth

To mark the last day of 2009 School Term, a new blog is being created. This blog is basically a platform for teachers, students and staffs of S.K. Permai Indah to mingle online. And I truly hope that everyone would enjoy reading this blog and try to give sincere responses to further improve it. There's ample rooms for improvements.

Let me first introduce myself. Call me Teacher Lim and I'm the teacher-in-charge of the school Resource Centre aka library. Had been handling this job since the opening of this school way back in 2002. Will blog more about it in my next post.

This blog is going to be in dual language in lieu with the policy "Memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu, memperkasakan Bahasa Inggeris'.

Meanwhile Happy Holidays to the teachers and students of S.K. Permai Indah.

Short Note
Teachers and Staffs of SKPI will be organizing a "Get2gether Team Building" trip to Pulau Aman on 21st November.